IFG offers a diverse and innovative product range tailored to meet a variety of nonwoven manufacturing processes such as needle punch, wet laid, dry laid, spunlace, stitchbond and thermal bond. These are expertly manufactured for an increasing number of applications including: flooring, furniture, filters, foodstuff packaging, automotive parts and many other nonwoven fabrics.


IFG have been expertly producing PP staple fibres in a melt-spun process for over 50 years. All polypropylene fibres are available in a range of deniers and cut lengths including ultra-short cut through to continuous tow, and can be optimised specifically for customers’ production processes. Multiple additives are available including: flame retardant, UV stability, thermally stabilised, food contact approval, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antimicrobial and electrostatic lubricant free, and IFG’s in-house colour department are able to create an infinite variety of shades in close cooperation with our customers.  ISCC+ certified PP fibres are also offered for customers who require upstream sustainable traceability.

Recycled PP

IFG’s rPP fibres demonstrate our continued commitment towards increasing sustainability in the fibre industry and the markets we serve. Our market-leading range of reduced carbon footprint recycled polypropylene fibres are produced from mechanically recycled PP and are available from post-industrial or post-consumer sources from 5% to 100% recycled content and can be produced in raw white, grey or black. Product certification can also be made available for certain qualities.

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PA or Polyamide is a hugely important part of the synthetic fibre industry. PA6 fibres are tough and possess high tensile strength as well as high elasticity. IFG can produce numerous PA grades and variants in a wide range of deniers from fine to coarse, and cut lengths from ultra-short through to continuous tow.  Colour and a range of performance additives can be introduced making PA a hugely flexible choice for a variety of applications. IFG’s PA fibres are melt-spun and have been especially designed for nonwoven products including contract floor coverings and automotive applications. IFG have an in-house colour department to produce required shades in close cooperation with our customers.

Recycled PA

In a world that is becoming increasingly sensitive to fossil fuel-based plastics, part of IFG’s core strategy is to develop and market an industry leading range of more sustainable staple fibres. IFG’s rPA6 can be part or wholly composed of chemically recycled Polyamide 6, including that from our own waste stream. These fibres retain their original virgin polymers’ high performance and tolerance, allowing them to be used in standard PA6 applications. Fibres are also available in a choice of colours to suit the customers’ application.

Our comprehensive range of fibres is available in a wide range of titres / deniers from fine to coarse and a vast range of cut lengths from ultra-short cut through to continuous tow. All are designed with performance, sustainability, and versatility in mind.


IFG’s PE-fibres are developed specifically as bonding fibres for carpets, synthetic turf, automotive nonwovens and food & beverage packaging. They can also be processed into fleeces for geotextiles (landfill) and used as a replacement for synthetic wood pulps. As a more environmentally friendly alternative to backings such as latex, IFG PE gives the customer the ability to produce 100% polyolefin finished products capable of being recycled. Our PE can also be blended into PP fibres depending on the ratio and application.

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IFG’s PLA fibres were the first in our expanding range of bio-based fibre offerings. Our PLA fibres are melt spun from a sustainable, bio-based and GMO free raw material that is compostable under industrial conditions (DIN 13432). IFG PLA fibre provides a versatile and bio-based solution for a widening range of applications including agricultural textiles, ground coverings, ground stabilisation and drainage. Due to unique properties that can be engineered by IFG, PLA can also offer a bio-based solution for bonding, spinning, heat-sealing and electrostatic processes in applications such as paper, filtration, apparel and furniture. Fibres are mainly produced in natural white, but a range of colours and performance additives can be supplied.


PA11 has a proven legacy of meeting some of the world’s most demanding material challenges. Its trademark properties include: lightweight, flexibility, durability, low moisture absorption and abrasion resistance. Our 100% bio-based PA11 fibres are derived from the castor bean, a sustainable, renewable crop that does not compete with food and does not cause deforestation. With a wide range of applications including luggage, carpets, extreme sports, socks, underwear and performance composites, fibre made from PA11 provides the perfect sustainable solution for a variety of end applications.

Under development


IFG’s Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) is a renewable thermoplastic polyester which is biodegradable and therefore compostable. Proudly working collaboratively with our customers to realise their sustainability targets, our melt spun PBS fibres are under development for increasingly more applications, due to their environmental credentials.

Developed in tandem on our industrial scale pilot line at our R&D centre in Linz, we continue to work with development partners and customers to provide biodegradable solutions for a multitude of applications to meet the sustainable expectations of modern society.

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