For certain applications an additional UV protection is required to increase the lifetime of the final product. IFG offers a wide range of different UV-grades and protection for almost any application. All UV packages and tailored formulas are available in combination with both natural and coloured fibres, and in many cases can be used in conjunction with other performance additives.


IFG employ a dedicated group of colour experts, who take huge pride in matching colours to clients’ exacting requirements. The team love specific colour challenges in close cooperation with customers.

Flame Retardant

IFG FR fibres include flame retardant additives adjusted to the final application. All FR fibre versions are non-halogenated in accordance with IMDS – International Material Data System. Depending on the final application, different LOI’s (Limited Oxygen Index) are available. Equally important is the percentage of FR fibres involved, the type of blending components as well as the burning behaviour of the fibre material.

Water Repellency

Fluid is repelled from the fibre and therefore the fabric surface instead of sinking into the fabric itself or the underlying substrate. Liquid on water repellent fabrics will ‘bead’ into water droplets that are simply wiped away. With IFG’s water repellent enhanced fibres, end-product fabrics retain their natural characteristics and softness to touch.


Typically used for applications such as bandages, hygiene and sports textiles, IFG’s antimicrobial fibres ensure the properties remain effective for the lifetime of the fibre. In markets such as hygiene and healthcare this is extremely important for the comfort and the safety of all patients.


A broad selection of IFG fibres are prepared with special lubricants, ensuring satisfactory processing properties. Specialist lubricants are selected and used to suit the particular polymer types and can be adapted to customers’ requirements.

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