With the widest range of staple fibres available on the market and continued focus on the research and development of higher performing and more sustainable product solutions, IFG thrive on collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers to bring continually innovative and increasingly tailored solutions to market.


Using biopolymers such as PLA, PBS, PA11 and recycled polymers, IFG have the fibre capability to meet the changing demands of the apparel industry. Applications currently include: fabric linings, insulative performance fillings and material substrates. These substrates are used from footwear to high-end fashion items. We are also working with our spinning partners to develop spun yarns for the primary construction of textiles.


Used in major automotive brands around the world, IFG’s fibres excel in composite, structural and lightweight applications including: underbody shield components, wheel arch liners, luggage compartments, side panels, floor carpet systems, seam reinforcement, acoustic insulation, filtration, parcel shelves and door panels. IFG’s recycled PP and PA fibres are helping the automotive industry achieve sustainability and carbon footprint targets, whilst IFG’s PE and bio fibres are helping to create more sustainable bonding alternatives.


IFG’s fibres are used in multiple construction-based environments and applications. In concrete, PP, PLA and recycled fibres can be used for preventing spalling and aiding viscosity in major infrastructure projects. IFG fibres are also used for reinforcement in cementitious screeds and adhesives. In panelling, our range of fibres’ attributes can include chemical resistance, bonding and binding promotion, lightweight construction and reinforcement. In ground stabilisation, IFG’s PP and PLA fibres ensure groundwork is resistant to weathering and traffic erosion, maintaining the ground’s integrity. IFG’s range of construction-based fibre solutions are used worldwide from major infrastructure projects to world class sports and recreational facilities.

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IFG’s fibres are specifically engineered to provide high-performance properties ranging from high flow electrostatic particle retention in air filtration to highly corrosive chemical resistance in industrial liquid filtration. As part of ongoing innovation in the filtration sector, IFG are working with customers to meet the modern performance and sustainability demands of applications such as HVAC and air purification systems found increasingly in homes, commercial premises and the new generation of vehicles. IFG’s range of lubrication free, low lubrication and bio-based alternatives are specifically tailored to meet the customers’ filtration performance needs.

Floor Coverings

With further expansion of carpet fibre solutions in recent years, IFG’s carpet fibre range now includes sustainable polymer options such as PLA, recycled PP and recycled PA. The range also includes sustainable structural binder fibre solutions in the form of PE, PLA and PBS to replace backings such as latex, in a range of floor-based applications including carpets and synthetic grass. IFG has been producing high performance carpet fibre for over 50 years and takes pride in market leading colour customisation, UV protection and FR packages that have stood the test of time.


IFG fibres are ideal for spinning and nonwoven needle punch applications and can be specially engineered with enhanced performance and durability characteristics to make them UV resistant, fire retardant, hydrophobic and antibacterial. Furthermore, IFG’s introduction of bio-based and recycled fibres are allowing furniture customers to meet and exceed their consumer expectations enabling them to market increasingly sustainable solutions.

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IFG’s fibres are perfect for a huge variety of construction projects including: rail, road, reservoirs, landfill, filter separators, ground stabilisation, erosion control and agricultural textiles. IFG have been supplying high performance geotextile fibres into the market for decades enabling our customers to create stronger, flexible and lightweight solutions across numerous agricultural and construction applications. Through years of innovation and specific tailoring to customers’ production processes, IFG have enabled better yields and increasing end product performance.


Utilising IFG’s range of performance fibres and additives, including sustainable bio-derived alternatives, IFG work with hygiene manufacturers across many challenging applications to engineer the performance characteristics required in nonwovens for cleaning, medical and cosmetic use.

International Fibres Group services a global market providing technically advanced fibres to a growing and diverse range of industries and applications, and have done for over 50 years.

Speciality Paper

IFG produces a specially designed range of fibres for a range of performance paper, packaging and heat-seal applications, particularly for the food and beverage industry. With the launch and continued innovation of bio-derived sustainable fibres such as GMO free PLA, available in a wide range of titres, cut lengths and packaging options, IFG is the perfect collaborative partner to help meet the growing environmental demands of both consumers and packaging regulations.

Spacers (RTM)

IFG’s fibres are specifically used in high-resilience nonwoven structures when more than one layer of composite or fibreglass reinforcement is required. They are intrinsic to the manufacturing process of a huge variety of moulded components. Now available in recycled and bio-based fibre variants, IFG can provide low carbon, sustainable fibre alternatives in addition to our core virgin fibre range.


IFG’s spun fibres can be found in apparel, carpets, and indeed any application which requires a thread or yarn. IFG work with spinning customers across the entire range of polymer and fibre types, engineering performance attributes to suit the desired application. Furthermore, IFG’s introduction of bio-based and recycled fibres are expanding the horizons of our spinning customers, opening up new markets and enabling a wider range of performance yarns for an increasing number of applications.

Sports Surfaces

Choosing IFG sports and utility surface fibres provides a cost-effective solution which can be fully colour-customised and combined with high UV-resistant additives to ensure products maintain a perfect colour and condition for both indoor and outdoor use in any climate. IFG prides itself on market-leading colour customisation, UV protection and FR packages that have stood the test of time in a global variety of local, national and international sporting venues and facilities.


IFG’s fibres are perfect for a growing variety of agricultural applications such as ground stabilisation, erosion control, weed suppressants and planting textiles. In the farming, landscape and environmental management industries, sustainable, high performing solutions are especially vital.  This makes IFG the ideal collaborative partner for designers, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural nonwovens and ground stabilisation products.


The IFG Recycled brand represents our range of recycled polymer derived fibres made from polymer chip from post-industrial and post-consumable sources (including our own).

These fibres have undergone intense screening and filtration of contaminates to retain the polymers’ high performance and tolerances, allowing them to be used for a variety of different markets. IFG only source from eligible suppliers who have gone through a rigorous and extensive qualification process.


The IFG Core brand represents our long standing, high output, high performance products that have been developed and honed over decades.


The IFG Bio brand represents our range of bio-based fibres made from sustainable feedstocks and/or with compostable or biodegradable qualities.

As consumers and industries increasingly drive for more sustainable products, IFG continues to supply and develop more environmentally aware product solutions to a widening number of industries. We proudly work collaboratively with our customers to realise their sustainability targets.


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