Upon finishing his studies and doing a PhD at Ghent University, Willem went to work at an innovation consulting firm where he spent 8 years. During that time, he was responsible for identifying new business and market opportunities for clients.  

With a wealth of experience and knowledge behind him he’s the perfect candidate for IFG! But what made IFG stand out to him? 

“The first time that I checked the website I found the items very interesting and of importance to me, which are all about innovation and sustainability and I could tell this is what IFG prioritise. I was also very intrigued as I have been passing this site for 8 years without realising what people were doing here. It is nice coming back to the area where I started my career!” 

Even though Willem has only been with us for a short time, his job role involves looking into new technology, products and markets which means he will liaise with different people in the company. He will also get to know the clients and their needs and start translating these into opportunities. 

We also asked Willem what were his first impressions of IFG? 

“I spoke to people from different parts of the organisation and there was a really nice and warm welcome from everyone. It also makes me think that there are so many interesting aspects in the business where I could be of value and of assistance.” 

We wanted to know where Willem saw the fibres industry going in the future? 

“We see a lot more companies using biodegradable materials and I think that the impact of using them will become more and more important. I also think there will be a lot of changes happening in the number of recycled materials and the lifecycle analysis becoming more essential.” 

Outside of work Willem enjoys cycling and is very happy to see that a lot of his colleagues at IFG share this interest. He also likes to read a lot of books (mainly non-fiction), spend time with his two daughters, walk his dog and organise quizzes. 

Welcome to the team, Willem!