As he closes in on 32 years at IFG, Hermann Linsbauer has seen the company grow and adapt more than many others. He had his first official day working for IFG on 2nd January 1989 and has played a key role in the technical aspects of the business ever since.

Despite being at IFG for over 3 decades, Hermann says that he has seen a constant development within the company, with sustainability always being the end goal. When asked what he enjoys the most about his job, Hermann said:

“Every day is different, even though I joined IFG over 30 years ago, there are still situations which I have not experienced before. As part of my job is to be involved in both the actual production and the development of new products and into customers and sales aspects too, there is always something new and interesting to see! Most importantly, this allows me to be constantly learning.”

There’s lots to admire about his professional journey so far, so much so that he can’t pick out one individual highlight but instead takes great satisfaction from every job completed which involves the whole wider team. Even if problems crop up in the process, there’s positives to be taken from the way the Asota team handle the situation!

Hermann sees technical fibres as an ever-changing industry, as well as being challenging at times, but one which will continue to develop at a rapid pace as we open up to brand new ideas in the future. Such innovation is inevitable thanks to IFG’s investment in a Research & Development plant positioned at IFG Asota, Austria. The R&D plant, SF1000, is a state-of-the-art semi-industrial spinning line and is also available for company day hire. You can enquire here.