No, IFG are not branching out into producing popular music, we’ll stick to fibres! However, our customer Veltex® have provided carpets for the stadium tours of many popular musicians, including those mentioned above.

Veltex®, IFG’s Catalan customer, produce display carpets and fabrics, amongst other applications. They provided the stadium floorcoverings of approximately 25,000m2 using IFG Exelto’s grey colour: a blend made from mixing 25% black and 75% white fibres.

The colour blend is delivered in each bale, so no need for colour mixing. It’s an eight denier 75mm polypropylene fibre. Interestingly, IFG Exelto can extrude this fibre on a line where up to 4 colours can be produced in one bale; in quarter parts. In this case it was 25% black and 75% white, but for example could be 25% red, 25% grey and 50% black.

By producing the fibres in this way, the customer saves the time and expense associated with blending the fibres in the production process, ensuring they have an absolutely accurate blend of the required colours in the correct proportions.

In addition, IFG Exelto are able to supply the required fibres in approximately one week. With decisions on colour requirements often being left to the very last minute, especially in the music industry, IFG Exelto are able to act quickly, and guarantee very fast delivery times.

“On June 8th we were delighted to see some areas of the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona (Estadi Olímpic de Montjuic Lluís Companys) being carpeted in Veltex® for Beyonce’s concert,” Sales Manager Frank Huygevelde commented. “VELTEX® is doing very well, and we look forward to continuing to support them with mixed bales.”

For more information contact Frank Huygevelde frank.huygevelde@ifgexelto.com