IFG Exelto (Belgium) are delighted to have received the BQA Certificate of Quality Management for Recycling and Production Companies – QA-CER system 2 in honour of our development, production and sales of recycled staple fibres.

BQA is an accredited certification body with a focus on system certifications for SMEs, both active in industry and services. The expertise of their auditors in the various sectors, their reliability and their independence form the basis of their approach.

BQA QA-CER Recycled Content is an international, independent, third-party certification system based on EN 15343 following the principles of ISO 9001, including chain of custody. It goes beyond ISO 14021, in that it identifies all possible waste streams that can be recycled so that it offers a comprehensive system.

‘Recycled content’ refers to a product that contains recycled materials. Recycling is an essential part of the circular economy and is grounded in the belief that our planet has only a finite amount of resources.

Rising economic activity and growing demand for materials make the familiar linear economic model unsustainable. Therefore, there is an urgent need to shift to a circular economic model based on the continuous reuse of materials and products in the economy. Repair, reuse and recycling are essential elements in this economic model and are an intrinsic part of IFG’s commitment to a sustainable future.

A company certified to QA-CER recycled content proves to independent and expert auditors that they have implemented a monitoring system for their production sites that allows them to determine the recycled content of their products. Those companies must be able to prove this continuously to independent auditors.

What does QA-CER recycled content mean?

the possibility of building a relationship of trust between companies and customers regarding recycled content

a tool for companies to demonstrate their efforts and ambitions to add value to the circular economy by using recycled content in their products

a tool that allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions in order to contribute to a circular economy

For more information on the requirements of the certification, download the pdf here: