The new site will house the SF1000 Pilot Line, IFG’s state of the art, semi-industrial melt spinning line; which is the only one of its kind in the western world. The pilot line allows The Fibres Research Centre to constantly test and evaluate new and emerging polymer types, which can be developed and engineered specifically to meet the bespoke environmental and performance challenges of its customers, with the aim to find new and sustainable alternatives to traditionally fossil-based products. The new centre will allow the R&D team from IFG to host customers, and demonstrate the pilot line in action, and they are keen for existing and new customers to contact them to visit the centre.

Key launch partners include OMYA, Arkema and PTTMCC / Mitsubishi Chemicals. Approaches for collaborative research projects are welcomed by the IFG team, especially for those who have sustainable alternatives to fossil-based polymers and additives to test and develop.

Simon Riepler, IFG Group R&D Director “The new Fibres Research Centre sees itself as an international centre of competence for thermoplastic fibres. The goal was and is to create a place where state of the art fibre R&D can happen. Together with our suppliers, customers and development partners we work on the sustainable fibre solutions for the future where biobased, biodegradable and recycled materials are key of the scope.”

A new lab testing offering will serve customers will now provide testing for raw materials, denier testing, measurement of spin oil content, thermal shrinkage and UV testing, FTIR. DSC, and much more.