The inorganic tracers are customised to a spectral code that has been integrated in PP and PA6 with IFG Asota before. The idea to implement this solution in IFG Bio is consistent with market demands.

Tobias Herzog, Managing Director of Tailorlux: “The pilot line in Linz is the perfect place to test new tracer fibre developments for our customers. It is fascinating that a tracer fibre can be made from sugar cane”.

Simon Riepler, IFG Group R&D Director: “Tailorlux provides a tracer solution working for staple fibres that we have been seeking for many years. I am very excited about this partnership to jointly develop sustainable staple fibre solutions for the future.”

About Tailorlux

Tailorlux develops and implements industrial marking solutions to ensure material authenticity. The aim of the solution concepts is to protect and prove the integrity of materials and products. With well-known international customers, Tailorlux GmbH is one of the most important suppliers of covert industrial markings for recycling, product protection and digitization of bulk materials.