With over 30 years’ experience in the sector under our belt, IFG’s fibres can create durable and hard-wearing surfaces for use both inside and out. We can design and produce fibres for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, all fully colour-customised with UV resistant additives with a carefully selected range of colour pigments to provide the full range of shades required. Examples of our work include sports and utility surfaces, children’s play areas and swimming pool areas. 

IFG PP and PE fibres are melt-spun and specially developed for processing into a wide range of products. These fibres are suitable for being processed into needled and thermo-bonded felts and yarns. Today there is a growing market for technical applications in both nonwovens and spun. 

Additional UV protection is required for certain applications to help increase the lifetime of the final product. Here at IFG we offer a wide range of UV grades and protection, including: 

  • No Additional UV stability – This type of fibre is mostly used in applications where there is no exposure to sunlight, such as composites in “non-visible” products, which are widely used in automotive products such as wheel arches and compartment liners. 
  • LOW UV stability – Fibres in this version of UV-stability have UV-stabilisers added to meet the requirement of a certain lifetime of the final product. This meets the majority of applications; it is associated with a half-life of the fibre strength of a minimum of 1000 hours, meaning that after 1000 hours of exposure, the fibre still retains at least half of its original strength. 
  • MEDIUM UV stability – Fibres with medium UV stability have a higher content of additives, which makes it possible to obtain products for outdoor applications, like sports surfaces or artificial grass. Half-life time reaches 3000 hours. 
  • HIGH UV stability – Due to various climatic conditions with extreme UV radiation, we see a demand for super UV-stabilised fibres with a long service life. In these cases, we have developed a synergistic blend of UV stabilisers that can give a half-life time up to 4000 hours. 


All our UV packages and tailored formulas are available with both natural and coloured fibres and can be used along with other performance additives.