After 9 years of organising the team at IFG Drake and ensuring a well-run operation in the factory, Jimmy made the move to Production Manager in 2013 where he was tasked with overseeing the whole production operation.

As part of his new role Jimmy would show customers around the IFG factory and warehouse with a huge sense of pride, knowing that himself and the team have every reasonable precaution in place to keep employees safe and provide the perfect working environment. In 2015 Jimmy was again rewarded for his efforts with a further promotion to Site manager looking after the entire site.

Since February 18’ Jimmy has found himself as part of the office team at IFG, having been given a further promotion to UK Sales Manager.
On his promotion and favourite part of his new role, Jimmy said:

“It was time for a change, and I’ve loved moving into the office with the sales guys. Before COVID, my favourite part of the new job was flying abroad and meeting all our clients, I even managed 16 flights in 3 months at one point! It’s so important to provide a great service to our customers and provide a personal touch when entering their facilities, whether that’s learning about their local culture or just the local football team. That personal relationship is quite often the difference between us and our competitors”

Jimmy’s story is a true testament to his hard work and eagerness to learn everything he could in his early years at IFG, showing that the pathway is there for anyone currently starting their journey to follow in his footsteps.
Here’s to many more happy years!