We are delighted that Simon Riepler has become IFG Asota’s new Managing Director. Starting his journey in the fibre industry in 2004, from working in the quality department at Lenzing AG to now being the Managing Director of IFG Asota. How did this all happen? We interviewed Simon to find out a little bit more about his professional journey so far.

How did this all happen?

Simon began his journey at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr (studying Production Management) and at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (specialising in Entrepreneurship & Innovation) and gaining two Austrian academic degrees in Engineering (2005) and Business Administration (2008).

University and the practical work at different fibre manufacturing companies supplied Simon with an abundance of work experience, as well as extensive knowledge and understanding of technical fibres. So, what is his favourite part about working at IFG?

“Every day you face new challenges that have to be solved. IFG does not restrict me like a big company normally would, I’m free to express myself with creative ideas and watch them come to life.”

We also asked Simon what he would consider his biggest achievement so far:

“The new semi-industrial pilot line and the R&D centre in Linz are by far our biggest achievements recently. When I first came into Asota, a structured R&D process was something businesses needed. In 2021, R&D is one of the main topics of the IFG Group.

IFG are on top of the R&D process in the thermoplastic fibre world and having the R&D centre in Austria has made us so proud. Another achievement to add would be our partnership with different universities and institutes like AMIBM (Maastricht) or TCKT (Wels). This has allowed us to complete many projects together in subject areas such as biopolymer fibres and recycling.

However, the most important factor is the people – the team. Without having the right people in the right positions we would not be where we are today in R&D and Asota in general. Times are very challenging these days in these volatile markets and the Asota team always manage to remain a strong and stable fibre manufacturer.”

How would Simon describe IFG in 3 words?

“Innovative, Sustainable, Entrepreneurial”

Simon is an integral part of our team at IFG. He has a professional relationship with his work colleagues, creating a balance between work and friendship to create a prosperous environment.

“My goal is to work together with the team, from the operator to the background staff, in a professional and friendly way and learn from everyone on how to improve things and expand my perspectives. I feel very connected to the company and its people and I want to lead it into a stable future, combining all stakeholders’ visions from the shop floor to the management as well as I can.”

Simon is an inspirational Managing Director that younger staff can shadow and learn from, here’s to the future!