What are they, what are they for, and why are IFG’s the best? 

Low melt binder fibres are fibres with a low melting point. When they are utilised without any pigment being introduced, they produce a clear melt effect. Low melt binder fibres are mainly used for floor coverings, for example carpets. 

Historically the preferred material for binder use was latex, but this is becoming less popular due to not being recyclable and therefore having a poor environmental impact. Using melting binder fibres as a latex substitute improves the recyclability of the end product. IFG’s binder fibres are made from 100% low melting polymer derived from PP and PE (Polypropylene and Polyethylene) 

Depending on construction and specific product requirements, the blending ratio of PE fibres with for example PP fibres can vary. A thermal treatment of approximately 125°C is required to create a bonding effect.