IFG (International Fibres Group) are delighted to announce that they have been awarded ISCC+. ISCC+ is a certification system which allows companies to use ‘Bio-based’ certified raw materials (polymers). It also offers complete traceability within the supply chain and is awarded to companies producing fibres with a lower carbon footprint.

Each batch of IFG fibres which are produced in accordance with the ISCC+ Certification will be delivered with a certificate. In the best-case scenario, the whole supply chain, from the supplier of raw materials to the end user would be certified. Austria’s IFG Asota will be issuing the certification to IFG’s customers worldwide.

The ISCC+ is part of IFG’s sustainability efforts. More information about the ISCC+ System and its related requirements can be found on the ISCC+ homepage, which dictates that the mass balance must be recorded, and the volumes balanced each quarter accordingly.

The process flow for ISCC + certification feeds through all parts of the supply chain as follows:

  • Ordering, documentation and delivery of raw materials
  • New article production
  • Mass balance audit
  • Sustainability declaration

Simon Riepler (IFG R&D Director), said: ”The ISCC+ certification is another significant milestone on our path to sustainable fibres of the future. As a certified staple fibre producer we close the gap in the existing supply chain.”

IFG Asota’s experts welcome approaches from companies wishing to trace and certify their fibres, allowing them to move towards a more sustainable future.