What is Polypropylene Staple Fibre and When is it Used?

staple fibre on a roll

Polypropylene is a cost-effective and versatile raw material used globally. Here at International Fibres Group, IFG, we produce both polypropylene staple fibres and polypropylene multifilament yarn. The polypropylene staple fibre that we manufacture is made from polypropylene chips which are extruded to produce high quality, long-lasting solutions.

The staple fibres produced at IFG can be manufactured in a range of deniers depending on their final application, and due to our advanced colour matching system, we also can match our staple fibres to any desired colour. This means that our customers receive bespoke products, produced to the highest quality.

In order to satisfy such a dynamic marketplace, it is essential that our PP staple fibre has a range of physical qualities to stand the test of time and produce a reliable end product. We focus on polypropylene because it delivers such a diverse range of qualities including toughness, durability, low specific gravity, low thermal conductivity and a good level of chemical resistance, to name a few.

Our versatile PP staple fibre allows IFG to work alongside a varied global customer base in commercial, civil and domestic applications such as outdoor sports surfaces, geotextiles in reservoirs, domestic and residential carpets, and atmospheric and liquid filtration.

At the heart of our company is providing a high quality and reliable product to all of our customers, and so if you’re looking for a unique fibre solution, get in touch with our expert team.