What is Nylon 6 and how is it used?

At International Fibres Group we manufacture Nylon 6 fibres. 

Nylon 6 fibres are a key component of carpets used in high traffic areas, where wear and tear are more than usual surfaces. Nylon 6 fibres offer outstanding abrasive resistance, meaning they are longer lasting in these applications than other fibres. Known as ‘contract business’ in the industry, needlefelt carpets with Nylon 6 fibres are used for example in airports, office buildings, exhibition halls, ski arenas and mountain refuges. Nylon 6 fibres are also blended with PET fibres for use throughout the automotive industry. For technical application IFG offers different types of Polyamide fibres, including PA6.12 and PA5.10.

International Fibres Group manufacture Nylon 6 using a short spinning processNylon 6 fibres adhere exceptionally well to latex and provides a good base for dyeing and printing. 

 Due to its relatively high cost compared to PET or PP, the market for Nylon 6 is fairly niche, however for clients manufacturing carpets with potential for high wear and tear, where bespoke colouring and printing is also required, the long service life, resilience and aesthetic of products produced using Nylon 6 outweigh the initial purchase cost, and allow our customers to provide a longer life guarantee than when using other cheaper components. 

 We work with our customers to provide fibres that allow them to manufacture the best quality products to remain ahead of their competition. For information on how we can help you contact us today.