What fibres can IFG produce?

blue ifg fibres in a case

As a worldwide fibre producer, it is important that International Fibres Group is supplying best quality fibres to fulfill the diverse needs of industries it supplies to. These varied markets require different fibre solutions and as a result, IFG has diversified its product offering to satisfy this to include Polypropylene, Polyamide6 and Polyolefin.

Polypropylene is produced in two variants. Continuous Multifilament Yarns are medium tenacity which are suitable for a variety of applications in home and commercial markets. The fibres are available in round or delta cross sections and can be used in weaving and knitting processes. 

Polypropylene staple fibres are developed to meet specific customer requirements. Staple fibres have a number of physical properties which make them suitable for a range of textile solutions. The fibres are hard wearing with a high tensile strength, which makes them ideal for usage in products that need to stand the test of time such as sports surfaces and geotextiles.

Polyamide6 (PA Staple), or nylon 6, is produced due to its inherent hard-wearing mechanical properties coupled with its good dye ability and broad colour range which make the fibres ideal for needlefelt floor coverings and specific automotive and technical applications. 

And lastly, Polyolefin (PE Staple), which is a melt spun fibre used in conjunction with other raw materials as a binder fibres. It’s used widely as a sustainable alternative to latex, and after thermal treatment, appears translucent, and so is found in many needlefelt applications, geotextile and automotive uses. 

At IFG we have a dedicated research and development team who work to extend our product offering and strive for the very best customer service across all of our sites.