At our group research and development centre, IFG are continuously advancing technical and performance capabilities, in a wide range of polymers, to meet ongoing and future customer requirements. We work closely with our customers, and their customers, to ensure that all products are precisely refined to their requirements utilising our specialist in-house textile technical support team.

We also employ process engineers who aim to develop a new generation of thermoplastic fibres and work with a range of our own supply partners’ additives to maximise the performance of our fibres in any application.

With an annual capacity of over 90,000 tonnes, we manufacture a vast of array of colours and titres to exacting quality standards, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week to excel customer expectations.

From initial concept through to delivery, IFG innovations and ongoing customer collaborations continually provide advanced technical fibre solutions for a variety of mainstream and specialist sectors including filtration, reinforcement and construction.

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