Sustainability at IFG 

Sustainability has always been at the heart of IFG’s core beliefs and as a fibre manufacturer we have a responsibility to ensure that wherever possible our company, products and customers are as sustainable as possible. 

Acting as consultants in every industry we serve, we help customers, suppliers and international projects to meet their sustainability goals whilst obeying their exact product requirements. Overseen by our R&D department and technical team, as well as being registered to ISO 9001, we are constantly at the forefront of sustainable fibres and textiles.  

At IFG, wherever possible, affordable and clean energy is utilised in the production of our products and we work closely with well-known plastic recycling companies and biopolymer specialists to develop sustainable fibre solutions including recycled: PP, rPArPE, PLA, PBS and PET. 

Our commitment to sustainability is shown by our investment in a state-of-the-art research and development plant at IFG Asota, in Linz, Austria. Costing around 1.3 million euros, the facility allows us to produce innovative products that not only exceed customers’ requirements in terms of performance, but also meet their environmental goals. Such an investment has allowed us to research and produce sustainable fibres and recycled polymers, as well as conduct research into future industry developments.  

The team at IFG Asota have been busy putting the new facility to work, with multiple projects including enhancing margin products for our high-performance line and helping customers with several recycled polymer projects. 

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