Sports Surface Fibres

Days are gone of muddy, uneven grass pitches that inhibit play, as more sports clubs, schools and public areas are investing in synthetic pitches. Synthetic pitches provide a durable and reliable surface with reduced maintenance costs and time, and here at IFG, we supply polypropylene fibres used to manufacture these surfaces.

Polypropylene fibres are used in sports surfaces to produce a robust, hard wearing pitch. The fibres that we produce at IFG create a brushed carpet-like effect and are designed in a ‘crimped’ texture which permits a far superior interlock between the fibres and sand. This in turn produces a shock absorbing effect which rapidly restores uniformity after load distortion meaning that the surface will stay firm and level for longer. 

Primarily used in applications such as tennis courts and bowling greens, IFG polypropylene fibres are also ideal for indoor and outdoor multi sports centres to create a versatile sports area which can also be used for playgrounds. As we’re also experts in colour, we can cater for your pitch requirements precisely. Within 24 hours we can match virtually any shade so that your sports club or school can invest in a pitch perfectly matched to your brand. 

IFG fibres are unique in that they offer a durable surface, that with a fibre stabilised rootzone, ensures that the surface stays firm and level for longer by reducing the rootzone compaction. This in turn aids rapid surface draining to improve play when the surface is wet. Our fibres offer greater resistance to wear and tear and propose real savings on cost and maintenance compared to a grass pitch. 

Providing our customers with high quality products is something that we are very passionate about and we’re confident that no other polypropylene fibre has the performance characteristics of IFG’s. Get in contact today to find out how we can help manufacture your ideal sports surface.