Research & Development

At International Fibres Group we are proud of our market-leading fibres and yarns which are distributed globally to a variety of markets and industries.

With our company values embedded in service, sustainability, and continuously improving product performance characteristics, we maintain a strong focus on research and development.

We have a dedicated R&D centre in Linz, Austria and an experienced technical team enabling us to provide bespoke, innovative and flexible supply solutions.


To satisfy the dynamic customer base, IFG are committed to innovation. In 2019, IFG invested in a 1.3 million euro R&D plant positioned at IFG Asota in cooperation with the University of Maastricht.


At our group research and development centre, IFG are continuously advancing technical and performance capabilities, in a wide range of polymers, to meet ongoing and future customer requirements.


Sustainability has always been at the heart of IFG’s core beliefs and as a fibre manufacturer we have a responsbility to ensure that wherever possible our company, products and customers are as sustainable as possible.