Polypropylene (PP) Fibres

Our PP staple fibre is available in a wide range of deniers, tenacities and colours. A wide selection of performance additives are also available. IFG’s in-house colour department is on hand to create a variety of shades in close cooperation with our customers.

Recycled PP (rPP) Fibres

In a world that is becoming increasingly sensitive to fossil-fuel based plastics, IFG has made it part of our core strategy to develop and market an industry-leading range of more sustainable staple fibre solutions.

IFG’s rPP fibres can be part or wholly composed of recycled graded polypropylene, including that from our own waste stream. These fibres have undergone intense screening and filtration of contaminates to retain the polymers’ high performance and tolerances, allowing them to be used as a replacement in many standard applications.