Polyamide (PA) Fibres

The main properties of PA-fibres include outstanding hard-wearing of the final product, good resilience, excellent adhesion to latex, harmonised colour range for contract applications and good dyeability and printing options. Black and white fibres are most used however IFG offers a wide range of colours. IFG have an in-house colour department which creates shades in close cooperation with our customers.

Recycled PA6 (rPA6) Fibres

In a world that is becoming increasingly sensitive to fossil fuel-based plastics, part of IFG’s core strategy is to develop and market an industry leading range of more sustainable staple fibres.

IFG’s rPA6 can be part or wholly composed of recycled graded Polyamide 6, including that from our own waste stream. These fibres retain their original virgin polymers’ high performance and tolerance, allowing them to be used in standard PA6 applications. Fibres are also available in a choice of colours to suit the customers’ application.

Polyamide (PA11) Fibres

PA11 has a proven legacy in meeting some of the world’s most demanding material challenges. Its trademark properties include its lightweight, flexibility, durability, low moisture absorption and abrasion resistance. Our 100% bio-based PA11 fibres are derived from the castor bean, a sustainable, renewable crop that does not compete with food and does not cause deforestation. With a wide range of applications including luggage, carpets, extreme sports and socks and underwear, fibre made from PA11 provides the perfect sustainable solution for a variety of end applications.