Biopolymers To address the world's sensitivity to the overuse of fossil-fuel based plastics, IFG has implemented a core strategy to develop an industry-leading range of more sustainable plant-based staple fibre solutions. Rising to the rigorous performance requirements achieved by polypropylene, [...]


Recycled In a world that is becoming increasingly sensitive to fossil-fuel based plastics, IFG has made it part of our core strategy to develop and market an industry-leading range of more sustainable staple fibre solutions. After extensive testing with trusted [...]

PP Staple

IFG’s melt-spun Polypropylene staple fibres, are developed specifically to suit each customer’s manufacturing processes and end application. Due to their high chemical resistance and low molecular weight, they are an ideal material for a wide range of finished product applications. […]

PA Staple

IFG’s melt-spun Polyamide6 staple fibre, due to its outstanding resilience and hard-wearing mechanical properties, makes it ideal for contract needlefelt floor coverings and also suitable in specific automotive and technical applications. Other distinctive properties include; optimised processing; excellent adhesion to […]

PE Staple

IFG PE is a melt spun Polyolefin fibre. This fibre type is mainly used as a binder fibre in conjunction with other raw materials, mainly as a more sustainable replacement of latex in a wide range of needle felt applications. […]

PP Yarn

IFG Continuous Multifilament Yarns are medium tenacity yarns suitable for a wide range of applications including mattress ticking, upholstery, window blinds, performance clothing and fashion textiles, as well as technical applications. Our multifilament yarn can be used in weaving, knitting […]