In a world that is becoming increasingly sensitive to fossil-fuel based plastics, IFG has made it part of our core strategy to develop and market an industry-leading range of more sustainable staple fibre solutions.

After extensive testing with trusted supply partners, utilising a combination of our own graded polymer waste and securing consistent recycled polymer streams, IFG have developed a range of fibres with recycled content, whilst maintaining consistent processability, and are now able to introduce that to the mass market.

Recycled Polypropylene

Our melt-spun staple fibre is composed from a combination of recycled Polypropylene from qualified sources. The range is currently made up of three derivatives with more undergoing development and available in coloured variants.

Available in 10% to 50% Recycled Polypropylene

Typical Fibre Characteristics

Fibre cross section Round-shaped
Denier (dTex) 4.4 – 400
Staple length (mm) 6 – 90
Tenacity (cN/tex) > 25
Elongation at break (%) > 60
Shrinkage (%, 120 °C/10 min) < 3

Recycled Polyamide

Our melt-spun staple fibre is composed of a combination of up to 20% recycled graded Polyamide 6, including that from our own waste stream. Fibres are also available in a variety of colours.


Typical Fibre Characteristics