Polypropylene Use in Home and Commercial

Polypropylene fibres are used in a range of home and commercial furnishings as a versatile, high performance solution. 

For the home and commercial market, International Fibres Group, IFG, produce polypropylene PP filament yarn in a range of titres and a vast array of colours to satisfy a dynamic marketplace. Duron is a high quality, versatile and stain resistant multifilament yarn that is constructed in round, flat or delta cross sections for texturising and twisting, ideal for a range of furnishings. 

Polypropylene’s resistance to hydrolysis means that it is unaffected by moisture, making it an obvious choice for using in the production of home upholstery and commercial products such as office carpets for a tough and hard-wearing solution. IFG fibre products make stain resistant furnishings and are antibacterial, giving our customers long lasting, durable products. 

With our specialist team we can also offer a UV stabilisation package which will prolong the life of your upholstery, giving it better resistance against UV and ensuring it keeps its colour for longer. 

Our expert team of colourists can also produce our polypropylene multifilament yarns in a vast array of colours to give our customers fully bespoke furnishings, ideal offices and commercial areas. 

Get in touch with IFG today so that we can find a fibre solution to suit your needs.