Polypropylene Fibres in Floor Coverings

International Fibres Group, IFG, produce world-leading polypropylene (PP) fibres for a range of markets including the floor coverings industry. Our polypropylene fibres are ideal for manufacturing long-lasting, cost-effective carpets, rugs and underlays. 

IFG polypropylene fibres are tough and stain resistant which make them ideal for making carpets that survive even the most hectic industry exhibition.

Polypropylene fibres also have a low specific gravity and low moisture regain, meaning carpets are lightweight and easy to transport, whilst being resistant to liquid spillages, leaving customers with long-lasting quality carpets. We can also offer our speciality UV stabilisation to give better resistance to colour fade and loss of strength in outdoor carpets.

What’s more, with our expert colour matching team, we can match virtually any colour, offering a personalised colour for any carpet tile, exhibition carpet or rug. So, whether you’re looking for a fibre solution for a domestic, commercial, contract or exhibition carpet, IFG will produce a bespoke quality fibre for your needs, get in touch today.