Sports & Utility Surfaces

IFG sports and utility fibres create a durable and high-wearing surface with colour and UV performance. With over 30 years of experience in this sector, IFG design and produce fibres for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications including; sports, [...]

Technical Fibres

Through the International Fibres Group global research and development team, new innovative fibre solutions are always in progress in order to meet our ongoing customer requirements. We Offer a wide range of titres and cut lengths and specialist additives to [...]


The geotextile fibres produced by International Fibres Group have been used successfully in thousands of projects around the globe. We are pleased to work with manufacturers of geotextile technologies provide high quality fibres that can be trusted. With a wide […]

Floor Coverings

International Fibres Group produces market leading stain resistant and durable fibres in a wide range of titres, cut lengths and a vast array of colours to suit the global floor covering marketplace. As specialists in colouration technology we are happy […]


By utilising a range of high-quality polymers, pigments and performance enhancing additives, and using the latest in colour technology, the fibres produced by International Fibres Group are designed and engineered to meet the stringent and demanding requirements of today’s and […]

Home & Commercial Furnishings

International Fibres Group offers a wide range of staple fibres and multifilament yarn solutions to suit a vast array of home, commercial and fashion textile applications. Both product types are available in bespoke colours with optional performance additives such as […]