International Fibres Group Joins Operation Clean Sweep

IFG are proud to be part of Operation Clean Sweep, an initiative working to reduce plastic pellet pollution across the globe. 

Run by the British Plastic Federation in the UK, Operation Clean Sweep’s aim is to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders that pass through manufacturing plants are handled responsibly and are disposed of carefully in order to not end up in seas and rivers.  

By joining the international initiative, IFG are pledging to play their part in protecting the environment and are educating all staff on the importance of keeping pellets contained on-site from the factory to senior employees.   

Joining Operation Clean Sweep follows IFG’s significant research and development line investment to become leading sustainable fibre manufacturers. The R&D line has allowed IFG to practice increased environmentally friendly production as well as produce, and continually research, sustainable fibres and recycled polymers for market solutions globally. Designed in cooperation with leading biopolymer specialists, the facility gives customers a competitive advantage in environmental achievements in the effort to replace oil derived polymers all together.  

Find out more about Operation Clean Sweep on their website