International Fibres Group (IFG) invests 1.3 Million Euros in new R&D Facility

The international fibre manufacturer IFG (International Fibres Group) has recently invested around 1.3 million euros in a new R&D plant, positioned at IFG Asota in Linz, Austria. Asota becomes the development centre for the Group, which also has sites in Belgium, UK and the USA. The facility was officially opened in September 2019.

The new test facility was designed in cooperation with international biopolymer specialists at the University of Maastricht and sets clear goals in terms of sustainability.

“The new facility will be used to develop innovative products which not only meet customers’ wishes in terms of performance and cost, but also that meet their environmental goals in terms of sustainability and recyclability, with a focus on biobased products,” says Richard Barker-Poole, Group Sales and Marketing Director. “The new facility will provide IFG with significant worldwide competitive advantage in the field of thermoplastic products”

Fibres from IFG are exported globally from their four sites, and can be found worldwide in carpets, geotextiles, home furnishings and car textiles, alongside niche products such as coverings for tennis courts and fibres for filtration.

With this forward-looking investment, IFG is sending a clear signal for practiced sustainability in the industry.