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Sustainability at IFG 

Sustainability has always been at the heart of IFG’s core beliefs and as a fibre manufacturer we have a responsibility to ensure that wherever possible our company, products and customers are as sustainable as possible.  Acting as consultants in every industry we […]

What is Nylon 6 and how is it used?

At International Fibres Group we manufacture Nylon 6 fibres.  Nylon 6 fibres are a key component of carpets used in high traffic areas, where wear and tear are more than usual surfaces. Nylon 6 fibres offer outstanding abrasive resistance, meaning they are […]

International Fibres Group Joins Operation Clean Sweep

IFG are proud to be part of Operation Clean Sweep, an initiative working to reduce plastic pellet pollution across the globe.  Run by the British Plastic Federation in the UK, Operation Clean Sweep’s aim is to ensure that plastic pellets, […]