Colour Matching at International Fibres Group – The Barney Tennis Court

colour matching fibre boxes

We pride ourselves on the colour matching fibre capabilities here at IFG. Our specialised colourist team, headed up by Alec Radin, have exceptional eyesight and colour matching capabilities which allow them to match anything our clients (or their clients) require.

One of the perhaps oddest requests we have ever received, was to match the purple of Barney the Dinosaur, for a client who wanted to build a bespoke all-weather tennis court for his wife.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we dutifully researched the exact tone and colour of Barney, to provide the shipment of colour-matched polypropylene, along with our UV stabilisation package, to send to the all-weather surface manufacturer. We are yet to receive the invitation for a set or match!

At IFG, we can satisfy a huge range of customer requirements, in small and large quantities. Across our two sites, we have an annual capacity of over 37,000 tonnes, which are shipped worldwide, and can be precisely matched to the most exacting of customer requirements. 

Not only do we match to highly specific colour requirements, but all our colours and titres are manufactured to exacting quality standards, registered to ISO 9001 and overseen by our specialist in-house technical support team. Our range of production equipment allows us to produce both staple and short-cut fibres, as well as continuous filament yarns.