Celebrating 25 years with IFG and counting…

group of ifg employees

This month Billy Vant has celebrated his 25 year anniversary with IFG.

Billy has been a dedicated employee since 1994 when he first joined as a machine operator. 10 years into the job, after showing hard work and an innovative approach, Billy was promoted to Senior Operator, and then again in 2013, promoted to Shift Manager.

Before starting his career at IFG, Billy was in the military in the Royal Artillery, and outside of work is a very keen carpenter. He uses traditional methods and tools to create stunning solid wood furniture, which he has indeed made for IFG. Billy made a wooden table used in the maintenance of our machines some 20 years ago, which is still in excellent condition!

To thank Billy for his commitment, the IFG team presented him with a cheque. Thanks for all your hard work and continued service.