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polypropylene in tennis court

Polypropylene in Tennis Courts

With Wimbledon 2019 under way, we thought we’d share our knowledge of all things tennis courts! Although the Wimbledon courts are real grass, for most clubs these are not viable options because of the low reliability, high maintenance and upkeep […]

Staple Fibre vs. Multifilament Yarn

Here at International Fibres Group, IFG, we supply polypropylene fibres and yarns to a variety of global markets, including automotive industries, geotextile businesses, and utility markets. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, producing fibres for a variety […]

staple fibre on a roll

What is Polypropylene Staple Fibre and When is it Used?

Polypropylene is a cost-effective and versatile raw material used globally. Here at International Fibres Group, IFG, we produce both polypropylene staple fibres and polypropylene multifilament yarn. The polypropylene staple fibre that we manufacture is made from polypropylene chips which are […]