Advantages of Polypropylene in the Automotive Market

At International Fibres Group, IFG, we produce polypropylene fibres for a range of markets, including the automotive industry, where IFG fibres are used globally by major brands.  

Polypropylene brings a number of advantages to the automotive market resulting in the fibre being used in many different products such as parcel shelves, acoustics, and arch liners. One advantage of using polypropylene fibres in this industry is that it’s a very cost-effective material. Its physical characteristics such as high strength and good chemical resistance mean that materials containing the fibres are long-lasting, and outperform alternatives, giving clients a higher quality finish for a better price. 

Our specialist colour matching team at IFG can also match polypropylene fibres to any colour – even to match Barney the dinosaur! This allows for us to make bespoke fibres to satisfy niche client demands. 

Particularly beneficial to the automotive market is the UV stabilisation package that is available with our fibres. Reducing colour fade and performance wear, this package increases the lifetime of materials containing our fibres, to get a long-lasting finish. 

Polypropylene fibres are such a cost-effective, versatile material that IFG are diversifying their marketplace, so get in touch with your fibre requirements and we’ll find your solution.